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So many dubbing groups have been and are mainly focussed on Hello Project dubbing.  But, you don’t really see many that focus on other groups.

This one is for those of you who are fans or love to dub AKB48 song.  There is a semi-new group that will focus on AKB48 (and company, as they put it) songs.  Although most songs will be AKB48, you will also be able to dub SKE48 and SDN48 songs.  It is part of Starz Project, but it is its own little entity because it has its own forum and youtube page.  Also, because it is the only Starz Project group to accept people outside of Starz Project.

So if you are interested and would like to join, you can feel free to add them to your youtube:

and join their forum:

-note by Meche (lilxicanita)


Hello world!

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hey guys so i finally decided to get my own blog through word press…lets see how this worx cuz i just began and already im having probs with it…lol…

wish me luck…

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